Autumn Wedding at the Red Cross Palace in Lisbon | Inês e Eduardo

Autumn Wedding at the Red Cross Palace

Inês and Eduardo decided to do their wedding at the Red Cross Palace, in Lisbon. It happened in late November, with Christmas just around the corner! The days were short and the weather getting cold. The wedding day started gray and rainy, so it felt cosy and intimate being inside – which is a perfect fit with the style and atmosphere of the Red Cross Palace, officially known as “Palácio da Rocha do Conde d’Óbidos”.

First of all, here’s a summary!

The special day of Inês and Eduardo

Inês and Eduardo came to me through the wedding planner Outlux Weddings and Events. After a brief introductory meeting, I finally had some quality time with them at the love session. I like to do this photo-shoot to get to know the couple better and for them to get more comfortable with me and the camera.

As we got to know each other better I found out that they are both doctors and that we have friends in common, from my student days in Coimbra – it is such a small World!

An hour after starting, I felt completely at ease with Inês and Eduardo, as if we were longtime friends.

Preparation of the bride at the Ramalhete Palace

The day started at the couple’s home, with Eduardo getting ready. The first thing I noticed when getting to their place was the gorgeous view over the Tagus river. There was also a Christmas tree, since Chrismas was less than a month away.

Eduardo got ready surrounded by smiles and good mood, his parents always present. Once he was ready I went to the Ramalhete Palace, where Inês was getting ready. Now that Madonna was no longer living there, the bride could enjoy this gorgeous palace right next to the venue!

Autumn Wedding at Palácio da Cruz Vermelha

I already know the “Palácio da Rocha do Conde d’Óbidos” quite well, after having photographed two weddings there last year and another one the year before. It is one of my favorite wedding venues in Lisbon, for several reasons: the location, the view, the historic library in golden tones and the rooms with very high ceilings and lots of oil paintings on the walls. The rooms are big enough to feel comfortable but now too big.

wedding at the palacio cruz vermelha in lisbon


This was my last wedding of 2019 and one of my favourites. It’s one of those weddings I would happily go back in time to shoot again!

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