• How long before should I get in touch with Lourenço?

There are dates I close 2 years in advance. Others in 2 months. Others remain open. Critical dates are Saturdays and holidays from 25th April to mid October. On average at the beginning of January I have 50% of these days booked, at the end of April I have 90%. I make sure that I never close every Saturday during the Summer, so I can enjoy a family weekend or two.

• How long does it take get my photos?

It depends on the time of year you are getting married. I always write a contract with a deadline for delivering the photos. The maximum amount of time is 4 months, however in the beginning of the wedding season I may take as little as 1 month to make the delivery.

• Does Lourenço shoot alone or in a team?

I have the option of shooting alone and with a secondary photographer. Some of my favorite weddings were photographed on my own, perhaps because I feel I have the couple "just for me". However, when there are many guests (over 120) it may be helpful to have a second photographer to ensure that all guests are photographed. I am always focused on the bride and groom and those around them. It often happens that some important people aren't around the couple, for example, parents who spend time with older family members. If so, having a second photographer is useful for them to appear in more photographs.

• Is it important to know Lourenço?

It's imperative! The photographer is usually the person who spends most time with the bride and groom throughout the day, so there should be a great connection between me and the couple. This way you get the best pictures possible and I am pleased with my work.
I believe there is the perfect photographer for every couple, it may take some work finding it but it is surely worth the effort.

• Are the photos edited?

Yes, all photos I deliver are edited equally. Then I make a selection of the ones that best tell the story of the day for the album and blog. Seeing the photos on my blog will give you an idea of ​​the level of editing I give to the photos.

• How many photos do we get?

It depends on the length and intensity of the wedding but on average I deliver 600 photos. The number can vary from 400 to 700, although there have been weddings where I delivered up to 900.

For more information and other questions please get in touch. I would be happy to send a quote ​​where you will find other frequently asked questions, relevant to the information contained therein.