Hello! I'm Lourenço, an award winning Documentary Wedding Photographer. I am based in Lisbon and I've been photographing weddings all over the country for over 8 years. Here you can get to know me, how I work and some useful tips for your wedding on the blog. I hope you find it useful and inspiring!

Documentary Wedding Photography

My mission is simple: tell stories! But not just any story – I want to tell YOUR story!

For this my work focuses on 3 key points: the first is to know you as a couple and the guest that are most important to you, so that I can photograph your wedding through your eyes! The second point is the type of photography, where I’ve chosen a photo-journalistic approach. I want to go as unnoticed as possible so that I can capture those genuine moments that define people’s feelings for each other.

The third point is customer service and professionalism. I take the utmost care in the whole photographic process, from the moment I take the photograph, through having multiple backups, to the final delivery within the deadline that was set in the contract.

In short, I value getting to know where you come from, who you are as a couple and what you value on the people around you on your wedding day. That way I won’t just be taking a picture of that lovely old lady in tears. I’ll know that’s the bride’s grandmother who she grew up with and that totally changes the way I’ll photograph her!

Also, there will be no beauty shots, with spotless dresses and perfection all over. I’ll be going after the smiles, tears, dirty dresses flying in the wind, messy hair and all the fun you’ll be having!

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