Wedding at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol | Daniela and Rahim

Daniela and Rahim had their wedding at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol. It was a wedding with Indian influences (on Rahim’s side), celebrated in a unique venue full of history!


Quinta Nova do Hespanhol

Quinta Nova do Hespanhol is, as the name implies, “new”! But “new” isn’t new – even though it has only been around for 3 years, the team that explores it already has more than 30 years of experience exploring Quinta do Hespanhol, right next door!

The history of Quinta do Hespanhol dates back to the 14th century and has remained in the family to this day. The existing buildings were destroyed by not one, but two earthquakes – that of 1513 and that of 1755. More recently, “only” 30 years ago, it began to receive couples who wanted to celebrate their wedding there, thus becoming one of the reference venues for weddings not only in Lisbon but in Portugal!

Quinta Nova do Hespanhol started operating in 2019, very close to the original venue. I went to visit the team when they were getting ready to open doors to the public and I really liked the new space – with a wider patio, a dining room that was similar to the previous one and the same team, which excells in details and decoration.


Daniela & Rahim

When Daniela and Rahim told me (during the first pandemic lockdown) that they were going to have their wedding at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol, I was happy to return to that venue. I knew this couple from having photographed the wedding of the bride’s brother, Tiago. They liked my work and contacted me to be their wedding photographer. When I found out that they were having their wedding at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol, I knew I had the perfect ingredients to make photograph one of best weddings 2022 – a couple with a lot of chemistry, lively guests and a wedding venue that I often think as one of my favorites.

After dating for 14 years and already with a daughter, Daniela and Rahim decided to get married in 2022 – even though they had plans to get married much earlier. The pandemic didn’t help and forced them to postponde the original date, but it was worth it – it was a one of the first parties without masks, so the guests enjoyed it even more.



Ceremony at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol

Having previously photographed at Quinta do Hespanhol, my biggest fear when photographing at Quinta Nova do Hespanhol was the location of the ceremony, which was previously one of the most beautiful ones of any venue. Thankfully the new space is at least as beautiful, with plenty of shade to help on hot days, and the same top-notch decor.



The photo session held with the bride and groom is one of the few moments of the day when I put aside documentary photography and focus on an editorial style. This is the only part of the day when I have the bride and groom to myself for a few minutes, so we got a a little walk trying to find nice little corners to take a few shots. You can read more about the different styles of wedding photography here.



And finally, here are the photos of the party – and what a party it was!



After the wedding, Daniela and Rahim went on their honeymoon to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. They made a lot of friends and really enjoyed it!



Venue: Quinta Nova do Hespanhol

Bride’s dress: Pronovias

Groom’s suit: Gio Rodrigues

Wedding rings: Oro Vivo

Hair and Make-up: B-lust

DJ: Rituais

Indian Dance: Go Hills Bollywood Dance

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