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Wedding Photographer in Lisbon

Hi, my name is João Lourenço and I’m a Wedding Photographer in Lisbon. I have a studio in Lisbon and have photographed weddings all over Portugal, from Lisbon to Porto and the isles. Although most of my weddings are done in the Lisbon area, I’ve photographed all over Portugal.

Full-time Wedding Photographer

I started liking photography when I was 16 years old. That love for photography grew over time and in 2012 I was invited to photograph a friends’ wedding. Shortly after, in 2014, I started to dedicate myself exclusively to wedding photography!

For a little more on my history and world view of weddings, here’s an interview I had with the leading wedding blog in Portugal, Simplesmente Branco, earlier in April.

Best Wedding Photographers in Lisbon

Over the last 6 years I evolved my photographic style, having started to get recognition from my couples and fellow photographers. Now, in 2020, I have won several awards and mentions in Wedding Photography. Here are the main ones:

International Award for Best Wedding Photography
Best Wedding Photographers in Lisbon
Best Wedding Photographers in Setúbal
Best Wedding Photographers in Lisbon

Wedding Reportage in Portugal

Although most of my weddings are held in and around Lisbon, I have done weddings all over Portugal, from north to south and the isles. I like to shoot in different places: I like the trip, the challenge and the experience!

Wedding Photography Reportage

I’m not just a wedding photographer in Lisbon! I also do a lot of photo shoots, a little all over the country! In fact, I always do a photo shoot with the bride and groom before the wedding. We get to know each other better and this is reflected in the intimacy of the photographs on the wedding day: the couple get more comfortable with the camera and with me, on the other hand I can get closer without them feeling my presence!

When starting the photo shoot the couple often ask me what they should do. They’re usually waiting for me to start directing them, but I don’t like to photograph poses or forced moments. I like to register genuine moments so we take a walk, chat and laugh. At some point I start taking pictures, without them actually realizing it!

On the wedding day I already know a bit of the bride and groom – their history, who’s close, what they like to do as a couple. This helps me to photograph their wedding day according to their reality!
I’m always on the lookout to catch those special moments. When they get to see the final result of my work the couple often comment about the moments that happened without them realising it.

This photography style is very demanding, partly because these moments do not happen again so I have to guess when they will happen, to get ready beforehand. My camera is also a great help, because it has a completely silent shooting mode, which allows me to shoot very close to people without them noticing.

Wedding photography prices

The value I charge for each wedding varies according to several factors: the date of the wedding, the venue and sometimes also the number of guests, no name a few. For this reason I always need to have a prior contact with the couple, in order to be able to get to know their wedding.

I made a post about the values of wedding photographers. In it I analyze the wedding photography in 2020, the expenses of having a business and the importance of hiring a professional photographer. You can find it here: “Why wedding photographers are so expensive”

Having said that, there are average prices I can share. For a wedding held in winter, the values start at 700€. For weddings held on Saturdays in July or September (the most popular months), the values typically start at €1,200. They value may vary depending on a number of factors, therefore a brief chat is required.

I look forward to your contact

I hope this information is in line with what you are looking for. Before being a wedding photographer I worked in the UK for several years, where I got to English fluently and into the British culture. There are many differences between Portuguese and English weddings and, having photographed many destination weddings in Portugal of couples from all over Europe and other continents, I got to the point where I’m comfortable photographing any kind of wedding – from intimate weddings to those with several hundreds of guests.


Hi, we wanted to inquire about a wedding photographer for our wedding in Lisbon in November 4th 2023 for a small 50 people destination wedding. Thank you

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