Mariana and Bruno | Quinta do Castilho

Quinta do Castilho, the perfect place for Mariana and Bruno’s wedding!

I met Mariana and Bruno in early 2019. They came to me through a Wedding Planner, Outlux:
I liked their energy from the moment I met them, always smiling and with an incredible chemistry! We kept in touch in the months leading up to the wedding, as I do with all my couples as a way to get to know them before their big day. I want to tell their story according to their reality, not what I think it might be.
The wedding took place at Quinta do Castilho. There was no better venue for this couple’s wedding – original, beautiful and magical! The place, not the couple! By the way, the place and the couple!!!
The wedding turned out to be one of my favorites of 2019, not only for the space and couple but also for the good disposition of the guests, the spectacular catering, the DJ… All!


Real Wedding ZankYou

When the biggest bridal blog in Portugal, ZankYou, asked me to publish one of my weddings I immediately thought about Mariana and Bruno’s!
You can see their article in the link below, where you’ll get to know the couple better and find some of my favorite photos.


Same-day slideshow

I always try to do something different on every wedding I photograph and this was no exception! During the meal break I chose the best photographs and turned them into a slideshow. It was my surprise to the couple, which was projected on a break during the party.

Bride and groom as they watched the slideshow…

I will never forget the reaction of the bride at the end of slideshow, when she came to me and whispered, with tears in her eyes: “Thank you so much João, this completely changed my perception of the day!”
It’s only natural that brides worry that things won’t go as planned throughout the day, so I understand her feeling of relief after seeing a summary of how great her day was!

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