Wedding at Quinta das Pintoras | Belinda & Helder

Belinda and Helder are a French couple that decided to have their wedding at Quinta das Pintoras in Lisbon, Portugal.

They met 15 years ago in La Rochelle and it was love at first sight! They visited Lisbon four times, when the pandemic hit they decided to get married in Lisbon with their closest family and friends.

But first, here’s a little summary of them getting ready at another gorgeous place – the hotel York House Lisboa. Belinda was wearing a gorgeous dress from Blanche.



Wedding at Quinta das Pintoras

Belinda and Helder wanted to get married in an authentic place, with soul and story – and portuguese tiles, of course! After an extensive search, they found Quinta das Pintoras and fell in love with it even before visiting.

Having photographed several times at Quinta das Pintoras, it is one of my favorite wedding venues in Lisbon. It has belonged to the same family for 100 years and it is where they still live to this day. I like how genuine it is and feel lucky to have helped preserve the memory of that place with my photography.

The pictures below show how emotional Belinda and Helder’s wedding was.



Documentary wedding photography

Quinta das Pintoras is genuine in the sense that it is the same regardless of weddings being celebrated there or not. Because of that, it is not subject to trends or fashions, it is timeless. That’s also what I try to convey with my photography by having a documentary approach, therefore without being subjected to the latest trends (posing techniques, visual styles). The bodies of work of the early documentary photographers still feel fresh so I believe that the photography of Belinda and Helder’s wedding is also timeless, both because of the venue and the photography style.

Here’s the remaining photos of the wedding.



I hope you enjoyed this summary of Belinda and Helder’s wedding at Quinta das Pintoras. Having photographed over 200 weddings, there are few that feel both genuine and have a good vibe. Their wedding was exactly that and I loved photographing every second of it.

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