Wedding in Lisbon | Kammie & Josh

Kammie and Josh are a Canadian couple that decided to have their wedding in Lisbon, Portugal. This is a photo summary of their wedding day.

Kammie & Josh got in touch with me at the end of 2021. They were going to get married in September next year at one of my favourite wedding venues in Lisbon – Quinta do Torneiro in Paço de Arcos, a 25 minute drive from central Lisbon.

I immediately identified with the first email they sent me: they wanted a smaller party with a cozy atmosphere (my favourite), Kammie had travelled to Portugal on a solo trip (I also love solo trips) and Josh is an engineer like myself.

One of my big pleasures in life is to travel. Even though I love all aspects of travelling, the most important to me is the people I get to know. Maybe that’s why destination weddings are usually my favourite, because I have the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world. People that are happy to visit my country, as much as I would love to visit theirs.

I first met Kammie and Josh on a video call. As they told me more about themselves as a couple and what kind of photography they were looking for, I became sure I was the right photographer for them – and they were the right couple for me!

We would meet again on their wedding day, this time in person. That’s when I got to know a lot more about them, their family and friends. I will be sharing some of it below – but first here are some pictures!



Kammie & Josh

Kammie and Josh met via mutual friends and connected at a music festival in Montreal called Osheaga. They had met briefly before, but Josh had a girlfriend back then so they didn’t keep in touch. At Osheaga, Josh was single. Kammie thought Josh was cute – and she was his type: short, smart and cute. Knowing this, their friends set them up. They would later face the consequences, by attending their awesome wedding in Portugal!

The proposal

Kammie & Josh were living in Newfoundland and had a foster dog named Benji. On a weekend trip they went on a hike on a very foggy day to the coastline. When they were preparing to sit down to have lunch, Josh brought out the ring – right when Kammie was mid-bite into a sandwich! She was surprised with the proposal, but of course she said yes!



Getting married in Portugal

There are increasingly more destination weddings in Portugal. For a couple living abroad, it might be overwhelming and stressful to plan a wedding at a distance. For that and many other reasons, I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. While just 10 years ago it would have been difficult to find a wedding planner in Portugal, nowadays it is increasingly common and easy. There are excellent professionals that will help in every step of the way.

I’ve worked with many wedding planners over the years and only have good words about all of them. If you still don’t have a wedding planner please get in touch and will recommend a few. I don’t get any commission, my recommendations are based on my experience as a photographer and from having talked to my couples about their wedding planners.

Lisbon Wedding Planner

Kammie and Josh opted for Lisbon Wedding Planner (that’s the actual name of the company – link in the Suppliers section below). They didn’t know what to expect since they were planning everything from the other side of the ocean, but according to Kammie’s words “they did a wonderful job and we were so happy with the result”. It really was a beautiful wedding at a unique location.



Kammie and Josh’s wedding in Lisbon – by their own words

“The wedding was absolutely perfect. Our favourite part was seeing all of our friends and family arriving to the wedding – they all live in different places in the world and seeing them all in one place meant a lot.” Josh says the only thing he would have changed was remembering to refrigerate the midnight sushi snack in the fridge so he could have it the next day.

According to them, the most unique part of the wedding was running down the dinner table and high five-ing all the guests. The hardest choice was the seating arrangement, because they wanted to be beside every guest.

From my experience, most couples will be standing most of the time during the meal so that they can speak to the guests (as you can see in the photos below). Especially on smaller weddings, it’s easy to be in touch with every single person along the day.




The honeymoon

Kammie and Josh went to Greece (Naxos and Paros) and it was everything they had dreamed of! The weather was perfect. Josh taught Kammie how to drive a manual car. They ate buckets of delicious Tzatziki (a dip made of yogurt and cucumber). They spent time snorkelling and sunbathing on the beach!

Sounds perfect!


Thank you for visiting

Kammie and Josh’s wedding was one of my favourites in 2022. I loved their energy and it can be seen in the photos! My photography style is mostly documentary, meaning that I focus mostly on showing what’s happening in front of me without any input from my side (no poses or staging). The percentage of photographers with this approach is very small (in Portugal, less than 5%), which I feel is a shame because weddings as special as this one really need to be shown like this. If you’re interested in seeing more weddings with this style of photography, please visit my blog.



Venue: Quinta do Torneiro

Wedding Planner: Lisbon Wedding Planner

Wedding dress: Stella York – Felicia Bridal

Groom’s suit: Harry Rosen

Wedding rings: Dyne’s Jewellery

Make up artist: Rute Lopes

Hair artist: Patricia Silva

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