Bertille and Ian decided to have their wedding in Alentejo, Portugal – at Paço Morgado de Oliveira, also known as Fitapreta.

Alentejo is probably one of the best regions of Portugal to get married – it doesn’t rain as much as in the north of the country, the venues have huge open areas and each venue seems to have a rich history. It is also relatively close to Lisbon. It might be a bit too hot in the peak of Summer for ceremonies celebrated early in the day, but the temperatura is perfect for late afternoon weddings that extend into the night.


Bertille & Ian

Bertille and Ian met in 2015 at the University boat club. Ian flirted with Bertille because he found her “tall and attractive”. They got engaged just a week before Covid hit, on a skiing trip. Ian had planned to propose on top of a moutain, but the weather was so bad that the lifts were closed. He then proposed out of the first chair lift – because he didn’t want to lose the ring!

Here is a selection of photos of them getting ready.



Wedding in Alentejo

Bertille’s mother organised their wedding in Alentejo. Even though she’s Portuguese, it isn’t easy to organise a wedding from afar. Having said that, choosing the venue was easy – they absolutely fell in love with it and the surroundings.

Over the years I’ve seen more and more foreign couples getting married in Portugal. Ever since I started travelling and getting to know other countries, I’ve always felt that Portugal had so much to offer in contrast, even though it wasn’t very known. Over the last 10 years, however, all that changed. Not only has tourism gone up, also foreign couples getting married in Portugal has gone up quite a bit.

When deciding where to get married in Portugal, couples are spoilt for choice. I’ve photographed all over Portugal and abroad and loved every region I’ve visited. However, Lisbon and Alentejo are probably my top choices for anyone deciding to get married in Portugal – not only is the weather great, the food is amazing (and so is the wine), plus you can also find amazing beaches in Lisbon and the Alentejo coast.



Paço Morgado de Oliveira, Fitapreta vinhos in Alentejo

I totally understand why Bertille and Ian fell in love with the venue. Fitapreta has a lot of history, the main medieval building was built in the 14th century and it is surrounded by vineyards to this day. It is still being rehabilitated and it is believed that it has the oldest wine cellar in Évora, a wine tradition that exists to this day and that has led them to winning several awards.

Here are some more pictures of this amazing place.



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Venue: Paço Morgado de Oliveira – Fitapreta Vinhos
Wedding dress: Laure de Sagazan
Bride’s shoes: Castaner
Hair pins: Hermione Harbutt
Groom’s suit: Clements and church tailors Oxford
Wedding rings: Madeleine Holloway Jewellery
Flowers: Lucien Blondel
Make-up artist and hairdresser: Vanessa Maneiras Hairstyle

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