Wedding in times of COVID | Margarida and João

The 2020 wedding season was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most weddings were cancelled, but the few that remained taught me something about the human condition!

But first, here are some of my favorite photos from Margarida and João’s wedding!

What I learned from this pandemic

We can’t live without love. And without those who are close to us!

In our day-to-day life this premise has never more evident to me as it is now. After more than a month and a half of confinement, after 7 months without hugging family and friends, I realized that the distancing can also do a lot of harm on the long run!

Missing our family and friends becomes an important factor when making a decision – such as getting married during the pandemic!

The Wedding of Margarida and João

I was contacted by Margarida and João shortly after the first wave of the pandemic. They had postponed their wedding date due to confinement and the new date would be later this year!

I met them before the wedding, on the pretext of doing a photo shoot in Belém, Lisbon – you can see this photo-shoot here.

The wedding day was a couple of weeks later. It was rainy and cold. Still, I liked the change in weather with the first rains of autumn.

The reality of the pandemic on their wedding day only became apparent at the ceremony, when I began seeing guests with masks. Initially I had been worried that the masks would make the photographs less interesting, but fortunately I have a documentary photography style – I want to show what happened, not a beautiful version of what I think should have happened.

Fortunately the rain cleared in the late afternoon, perfect for the guests to enjoy being outside without having to wear a mask. And the best part (to me) was the amazing light at sunset!

But then again, on rainy days it feels even better to be inside! One this is for sure: getting together after so long was the special ingredient to make the party even more intense.


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Venue: Quinta do Pé da Serra
Wedding Sketcher: The Wedding Sketchers
Bride Dress: Pronovias

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