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Wedding Photographer at Simplesmente Branco

I started thinking about being a wedding photographer almost 10 years ago. At that time there was a new blog entitled Simplesmente Branco and I was fascinated with the photographs and the content I found there. I often looked for the top 25 wedding photographers in Portugal at Simplesmente Branco because it was there I would get the best inspiration! I later discovered that Simplesmente Branco is the love child of Susana Esteves Pinto. Over the last 10 years I have followed her work both on the website and in the panorama of the national wedding market.

Within my area, what impacted me the most was the quality of the wedding photography found at Simplesmente Branco. Before starting as a wedding photographer I remember thinking that I would never be as good as the photographers there. That didn’t keep me from becoming a full time wedding photographer in Lisbon in 2014! I started to develop my art based on a reportage style, looking for natural and relaxed photographs without poses or artificial moments. 3 years later, in 2017, I introduced myself and my photography to Simplesmente Branco and I was very proud that Susana Esteves Pinto liked my work the enough to have me listed on her website. I finally became a wedding photographer at Simplesmente Branco!

noiva a entrar na Quinta do Castilho e, Santarém, fotografia por Lourenço Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Lisbon

Simplesmente Branco is the hub for the top wedding professionals in Portugal. Most are located in the two biggest cities: Lisbon and Porto. It lists professionals in all wedding related areas, although wedding photographers have the largest number. Perhaps because this is the area with the most competition and in fact Simplesmente Branco lists the best wedding photographers in Portugal!

Top 25 wedding photographers in Portugal

The number of weddings in Portugal per year is approximately 33,000. In 2019 there were 33,272 registrations, in 2018, 34,637 registrations.

Almost all of these weddings are held on Saturday between mid-May and October and typically each wedding has a photographer. To cope with this figure, there are more than 1,800 wedding photographers in Portugal, although the number of photographers actually photographing weddings exclusively and in full time is much smaller.

Simplesmente Branco made a selection of the best photographers in order to present the best of the best to the bride and groom. Only 25 wedding photographers are listed at Simplesmente Branco, making up the top Wedding Photographers in Portugal.

Interview at Simplesmente Branco

Recently, I was delighted to talk to Susana Esteves Pinto about what I do and my work. In this conversation I talked about how I got into wedding photography, how I developed my style, where I get inspiration from and what distinguishes me from my colleagues.

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