Photo printing in Lisbon and Almada – 2024 prices

Photo printing in Lisbon and Almada

If you need printing your photo in Lisbon and Almada, we’ve got you covered! Unlike going to a high-street store where you might be waiting for a while to have your photos printed, at our studio we will print your photos while you wait!

Our studio is located in Almada, a short distance by car from Lisbon and with good public transportation access by Bus, Boat and Tram.

We’re at Rua Capitão Leitão in Almada and you can find us on Google Maps by searching for “Lourenco Wedding Photography”.

We print your photos while you wait. We can print in sizes ranging from A6 / 10x15cm / 4×6″ up to A2 / 40x60cm / 16×24″. We use thermal printing for the smaller formats and professional inkjet/giclée printing with 12 colors for the larger formats.

Before heading to meet us, please get in touch to make sure we are available.
You can call or Whatsapp on +351 960 070 050


The best prices on the market

We are a photography studio specialised in photographing social and corporate events, as well as family photo sessions. We have several printers to print our own photos for those clients, but we also offer the possibility of printing photos to anyone needing a high quality print. Since printing is not our main business, we can have lower profit margins and with that, match or even beat the prices found in the market – while delivering better printing results.


Do I need to book or can I head directly to the studio?

We are usually in, but sometimes we will be away photographing, therefore it is better to book. You can get in touch on the phone number +351 960 070 050 – either call or Whatsapp. Also feel free to use our contact page or write a comment to this post.


Types of photo print

We offer 3 types of prints:

Normal – Using the termal printer, we can print up to 15x20cm, with the same quality that you will find on a minilab (used in most stores).

Premium – Giclée printing with a professional inkjet printer, using 12 separate colors. This solution offers a wider color space and better durability when compared to a minilab. It is currently the best print quality available commercially. We can print in both Luster and Matte paper.

Fine-Art – The same printing technology as used for the Premium prints, but using Fine-Art papers. These papers are the heaviest, very similar to watercolor papers in both weight, thickness and texture. We can print in Luster/Baryta paper and Matte paper. The prints on Baryta paper offer the deepest blacks of any commercially available printing service and the paper is PH neutral, meaning that the colors are more stable – therefore it is considered an archival printing solution.


Direct printing vs adjustment before printing

In the Normal printing, the file is sent directly to the printer, therefore it is printed exactly as it is, with adjusting the crop or brightness of the image.
For example, if the image is too dark it will be printed too dark also. Or if it was taken with the ratio from a smartphone camera (say 16×9), and it is printed on a 15x20cm format, the top and bottom of the image will be cropped because the paper is wider and not as tall as the original image. If you want the crop and brightness/contrast of the image to be adjusted, there’s an extra per image – see below.

The Premium and Fine-Art prints already include cropping and adjusting the brightness and contrast for each picture.


What sets us apart from other printing services

Our values equal or are below those that are practiced by other photo printing shops in Lisbon. Besides that, it is easy to get in touch and book your slot for printing your photos – even on the same day. We can show you samples of the different types of paper available for the Premium and Fine-Art prints and recommend which is best for each of your photos. If you have your photos on your phone, you don’t have to save them onto a pen-drive – we can create a private gallery on our website for you to upload them directly from your phone.

Finally, for our Premium and Fine-Art prints we always make the necessary adjustments for the print to come out perfect.


Price list – prints

10x15cm / 4×6″
Normal: 0.40€

15x20cm / 6×8″
Normal: 0.90€

20x30cm / A4 / 8×12″
Normal: 3€
Premium: 7€
Fine-Art: 19€

30x40cm / A3 / 12×16″
Normal: 7€
Premium: 10€
Fine-Art: 22€

40x60cm / A2 / 16×24″
Premium: 21€
Fine-Art: 37€


Price list – photo editing

Adjustment of the crop, exposure and contrast
– Normal prints: 1,50€ per image
– Premium and Fine-Art prints: free

Advanced photo editing from the original file (RAW files, other formats needing extended edits): 10€ per image

Removing small elements (dust spots, pimples and small skin imperfections): 2€ per image

Prints of small and pixelated images onto a bigger size: 2€ per image.
For example, if you have images that you received from Whatsapp and want to print them in 20x30cm or bigger, it is important to resize them in a way that retains the optimum quality. This is a manual process or trial and error.

examples of papers for photo printing in Lisbon and Almada


If you’re interested in seeing some of my photography work – that I often print for my clients – feel free to check this page:


Saudações! Sou um fotógrafo com amigos que vivem em Lisboa. Estou a usar um tradutor porque não falo nem leio português. Quero fazer algumas impressões de arte para os meus amigos. É possível enviar-lhe ficheiros e pagar online? Tem a capacidade de imprimir em tela e esticar a tela em molduras de madeira? Consigo fazer isso aqui nos EUA através de vários serviços online ( ou, mas não consegui encontrar um recurso em Lisboa ou em Portugal. Pode ajudar-me? Obrigado!

Já agora, gostei de ver as suas fotografias!

Olá, I would like to print out some normal 10x15cm photos as part of a Christmas present, do I need to book or can I walk in? Many thanks!

Hello I would like to print some photos as soon as possible? Is your shop open today? how do I go about this? thanks!

Thank you Andrea. I’ve just sent you an email.

olá! i would love to print 2 pictures. 40 x 60. matte finish. to which email can i send it for you to be evaluated? in case any light adjustment would be requiered. i will appreciate. if you can also help with that. is there any place you could recommend me for frame photos with natural will helps me. last question, how long it takes to print with you? best. judith.

Thank you for your message Judith. I will send you an e-mail directly.

I am a photographer looking for a printer in Portugal to print and ship my photos to a client in Portugal (Faro) – I am in NZ and with COVID my shipping has gotten crazy expensive! Let me know if you can help

Davina James-Hanman

I would like to print some photos before Christmas.I live in Larenjeiro. Can I do this at your studio?

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