Photo Shoot in Lisbon | Margarida & João

Early September, the days start getting shorter and temperatures are (finally) dropping. At the end of the day the temperature is great and I just want to leave the house!

September is also that month that promises some weddings, despite Covid-19. Now that we’ve gotten used to the living with the pandemic and we know the virus better, we’re wanting to get back to normal – now that we’re more aware of the risks. Margarida and João contacted me just a month before their wedding, about getting married in September. I was happy to see the wedding industry still alive in 2020. Then they told me I would be their photographer and I was delighted!

Best Places to photograph in Lisbon – CCB

The Centro Cultural de Belém (Belem’s Cultural Centre) is one of my favorite places to photograph in Lisbon. It combines modern geometry with fantastic light, due to the reflection on the white walls – especially at sunset!

Upon arriving at the CCB I came across some cork blocks scattered in the inner courtyard. The CCB promised interesting geometries and it delivered!

The importance of meeting the bride and groom to tell their story

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to meet my couples before their wedding day! I think it’s important to know a little bit about your history, common interests, family and friends. That way I will be able to photograph the wedding day in their own image, giving importance to the elements that I know are in fact important. On top of that there we will be more at will with each other, which helps a lot on the wedding day!

What’s curious about Margarida and João is that they were right from the start super at ease with me – and I with them! As you can see from the photographs above and below they have these super photogenic smiles!

The sunset light didn’t disappoint!

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