Irish Wedding on the beaches of the Caparica Coast

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A special wedding!

One of the reasons I like to be a wedding photographer the most is for the couples I’m meeting. Over the years many have become friends.

Then there are some marriages with elements that I consider particularly attractive, because they are different from what I am used to or because they have the details that I consider important. For example, intimate weddings, beach ceremonies, destination weddings and late afternoon ceremonies. Rarely does a wedding put together two or more of these elements, but Lisa and Luke’s combined several, to become one of the types of marriage I like best – relaxed, with an amazing couple with the right energy.

This will be one of those marriages that I wish I could repeat over and over again!

The bride prepared in a beach house, even in the dunes of the Caparica Coast. The fastest beach house I’ve ever seen, right next to the line of the little train that serves the beaches of the Coast.

Casablanca beach bar is also close to the train line, so the bride and family closest made the train connection. She was the only bride I had to arrive by train directly to the site of the ceremony 🙂

When it was a wedding on the beach, we couldn’t help but take a walk by the sea soon after. The wedding was late and the sun was already low. There were few people on the beach and i knew very well walking the sand that end of the day.

When returning to Casablanca there was the first moment of pause of the day. For me and the bride and groom had already passed a few hours, though for the guests the party was only now starting!

Dinner was great but, being an Irish couple as well as all the guests, they were more expectant with the party that would come next!

After a cut of the cake that still had a little light in the sky, it was the same night. The whole beach was plunged into darkness, except for that point of light from the beach bar that is Casablanca. No housing around, there are no concerns about noise on the street.

The live music, the hot air of a summer night, that island of light in the darkness of the beach… everything contributed to a memorable party that summer of 2018!

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